Healthcare experts discuss the future of UAE’s healthcare at Dubai Science Park’s 23rd Advance Health


Dubai, UAE, 17 November 2022: Leading healthcare experts and government stakeholders assembled to discuss the evolving landscape of healthcare at the latest Advance Health session by Dubai Science Park, member of TECOM Group PJSC. The 23rd edition of the panel discussion explored the strategic priorities and advances that make the healthcare sector a key pillar of business, innovation and opportunity in the United Arab Emirates.


Experts headlining the session included Dr. Nahed AbdulKhaleq Monsef, Director of Strategy & Governance Department, Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dr. Omar Najim, Director of Executive Affairs and Special Projects Office, Abu Dhabi Department of Health, and Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Senior Vice President, Dubai Science Park. The session included an engaging panel discussion by the respective participants alongside Dr Ali Alessandro Ayach, Senior Director at Alvarez and Marsal consulting firm.


The session’s moderator, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Senior Vice President, Dubai Science Park, said: “We are delighted to have organised another successful Advance Health session at Dubai Science Park. This edition marked one of most important topics we tackled to date, which is the future of healthcare in the UAE. We always strive to bring our industry together to address these challenging and equally interesting topics so that we can collectively find new solutions. Our science-focused community is constantly growing the conversation on the future of healthcare and its key driver, digital transformation, by creating a space where innovative minds in can come together to share new insights and ideas. This approach is essential in developing a strong and value-based healthcare ecosystem that enhances the lives of UAE residents. We need to be quick in adopting new technologies and the trends and changes in this fast-paced sector, which is gradually shifting towards becoming completely digitalised through AI, coded data, and biotech.”


The insightful session investigated the latest trends in the healthcare sector and the main factors shaping its future in the UAE. “The future of healthcare is digital,” stressed Dr. Nahed AbdulKhaleq Monsef and Dr. Omar Najim. Both speakers underlined the benefits of digital healthcare, from cost effectiveness to personalised services, that will help treat and prevent diseases and health risks.


During her presentation, Dr. Nahed stated that 65% of the world population is expected to reside in urban areas in the near future, which will lead to a spike in existing and new chronic diseases, accentuating the necessity of achieving a value-based digital healthcare system driven by coded-data. “Collating, analysing, and using data are all equally important. All these new systems and changes required to create a holistic and integrated healthcare system require new talent to be managed,” Dr. Nahed added.


Dr. Omar Najim illustrated how going digital is the first step in planning, designing, and executing any model in Abu Dhabi, a strategy that mirror’s Dubai and DHA’s approach. “Any model we design, whether it is on mental health, surgeries, or primary care, it must be digital-first – this is our principle,” Dr Omar said.


The speakers praised UAE’s lead in healthcare digital transformation and the leadership’s vision that are cementing the country’s renown as a medical tourism destination. The UAE healthcare system witnessed a drastic transformation in the past few years, Dr. Nahed stated that in Dubai alone, the number of hospitals increased from 33 to 52 since 2017. She also mentioned that Dubai’s healthcare sector saw a significant increase in medical professionals from 36,000 to 46,000.


To further establish Dubai as a global business and talent hub, TECOM Group PJSC has been developing strategic, sector-focused business districts across the emirate since 1999, such as Dubai Science Park, that serve as a thriving home base for biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences players.


You can watch the full session on Dubai Science Park’s YouTube channel: Link


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