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entrepreneurs, SMEs and MNEs in the sciences,
energy and environmental sectors.

Dubai Science Park supports innovation by providing the right enabling environment to foster growth and development in pharma, health and wellness, as well as life, human, plant, material, environmental and energy sciences.

Enabling innovation and creation

Dubai Science Park is an enabling environment that fosters development in the medical, wellness and pharma sectors, with medicine, perfumery and F&B labs manufacturing products locally. The community’s robust infrastructure and collaborative environment enable success, in addition to a vibrant community, which provides a supportive ecosystem for its residents.


Discover our dynamic business environment that stimulates innovation and creativity through a range of products and services geared to the needs of global and regional industry giants including the likes of Pfizer, Medtronic, Olympus, Mettler Toledo and First Solar, to name a few.

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Become part of the region’s leading R&D, innovation and science hub, situated in beautifully landscaped surroundings that provide the ideal ambience and working environment for an exclusive community of researchers, scientists, pharmacists and more.

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